Validating Implicit Intelligence™

for Pricing

Objectives of the study:

  •  Comparing the methodology Implicit Intelligence™ for Pricing against 

              o Conjoint Measurement 

              o Gabor-Granger  

              o Price Sensitivity Meter

  • Measure Predictive Power and Accuracy

  • Understand the potential of proper pricing research.

  • Focus is on consumer goods 

What is Implicit Intelligence™ for Pricing?

It’s the combination of Neuroscientific measurement methods like the Implicit Association Test (IAT) with Artificial Intelligence (we use Causal Maschine Learning).
We apply a process implemented by that  measure implicit attitudes towards pricing and use this information to use causal machine learning to predict demand and optimal pricing.

Benefits for participating brands:

  • Free results: Finding the profit-maximizing price of up to 5 existing products
  • Assess even more existing or new products for only 500 Euro per product
  • Get evidence on validity thru this free pilot study 

Requirements of participating brands:

Required contributions of participating brands for min. five tested products:

All delivered information will be used for analysis only & not disclosed externally 

  • Provide market share or sales volume 
  • Average shelf price of the product 
  • Reasonable assumption for the costs of good sold
  • Reasonable assumption for the expected retail margin

Contributors and Project team:

  • Scientific supervision:
    University of Applied Science Ostfalia,
    Prof. Axel Lippold 
  • Sponsors: Eye-Square
  • Operation:


for participating brands


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