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Implicit Intelligenceis the Future of Innovation Research

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What does

Supra.Tools runs pricing and product optimization tools based on Implicit Intelligence Methodology.

.  The name comes from the fact that the approach combines Implicit research – its a form of Implicit Association Test-  with Causal Artificial Intelligence.

Better Pricing Thru Implicit and AI

95% of a buying decision (B2C and B2B) are guided by the unconscious, implicit associations that arise in milliseconds after presenting a product. While rational opinions need seconds, the immediate gut instinct is guiding even the way we process information rationally and which information we are focusing on in this process. This also applies for the price itself.

This AI is used in two ways: First it eliminates survey biases that are introduced by the price anchor effects of the highest and lowest price point tested. Second the AI is serving as a modern driver analysis, gaining insights on the lever that improving a features perception would have.

Read all about the methodology in our book Pricing Intelligence.

Better Product Launch Thru More Realistic Measurement

We are asking in an Implicit Association Test whether the respondent perceives that the product has a certain feature. This is the key input for the Causal AI Driver Analysis. This analysis will reveal the “lever of improving” can be fundamentally different to the importance of having the feature.


1. Enables 70 not 7 product features to be tested.

2. Most reliable price optimization to date.

3. Emulates realistic buying situation, not bullet points.

The approach captures why product launches would fail, before it happens.

from pricing, adoption barriers, hygiene factors, delighters,
brand architypes or touchpoint contacts. All powered by Causal AI and Neuroscience

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Implicit Intelligence is the future.