Price Testing Platform

Pricing got now easy-peezy.

Price research today is expensive, slow, complicated and has lack in validity.
Supra changes all that:

Full support including setup zoom-calls

✓ Just 600 Euro (or Dollar) per product price test,

including panel costs*


*Panel costs are included if the incidence rate (the share of selected people in the general population) is at least 15%. Otherwise a produce price test is 900 Euro. Sample size N=100 included.

You are in good company

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Pricing is your single most important lever.

  • A five percent price increase can mean 50% higher profits.

  • Product launches succeed or fail depending on your pricing.

  • It’s even the fast profit lever you have.

Yes, you can … influence actual prices!

  • Yes, retail sets shelf price

  • But you can indirectly influence the final price range

  • Negotiations with retail require that you know where the shelf price should be.

Understanding customer’s willingness-to-pay was costly, slow, and complicated, NOT ANYMORE.

  • It’s not enough to rely on expert opinions or competitive pricing

  • Measuring customers wiliness to pay is the only way

  • Luckily, methods have improved. With supra its now…… easy, fast, inexpensive and highly accurate.

These marketers use Supra to get their pricing right

Customer goods brands turn to Supra to build pricing that works.

Jordi Queralt
(CEO Gimborn)

 “We created 25% more revenue by raising prices.”

David Feick

“Due to Supra the Sonos MOVE product launch was a huge success.”

Daniel Griehl
(Lechner GmbH)

Supra help us drive profitable growth in a highly competitive environment.”