PhD ProgrammThe Universal Structure Modeling technology provides to your research unparalleled capabilities. No other methodology explores unknown nonlinearities and interactions, explaines so much variance, is able to build such holistic models. Its value is incomparable to other SEM packages.

We offer to the academic community:

NEUSREL Software Licence

  • Academia Neusrel Campus licence, 1 year                 15.000€
  • Academia Neusrel Department licence, 1 year             2.950€
  • Academia Neusrel Single person licence, 1 year             950€

The software is available as a standalone or a Matlab-based software.

Consulting & Analysis for one research project

Fixed fee for Academia only 1.150€

The package includes

  • 1h Kickoff & setup webcast call
  • First calculation
  • 1h discussion of first results
  • Final calculation
  • 1h final interpretation call
  • 150€ per extra hour

Seminar/Training event at your University

Minimum 10 participants

  • Europe: 690€ for 2 days per person
  • Outside Europe: 890€ for 2 days per person