The amount of data is doubling every two years. Markets and consumers are moving faster than ever before. The insights function should be the most powerful department in any enterprise.

But they are not

How do Insights leaders build the authority they deserve? How will they become Rockstars?

Frank Buckler

I am Frank Buckler, and I am on a mission to find strategies that propel any insights profession to admired insight leaders.

I want to know from Insights Rockstars: How much is strategy, how much is luck, and how do they win.

Join me as I uncover the strategies, tactics, and tools that pioneers use to not only excel in their jobs but earn the respect they need to drive impact.


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Episode 11

About Profit Hacks with Hermann Simon

Hermann Simon is the Founder and former CEO of Simon-Kucher & Partners – a management consultancy with now over 2000 employees that stands -like no other- for pricing management. He is the only German in the “Thinkers50 Hall of Fame” of the most important management thinkers in the world. Hermann started in 1979 as a marketing professor in Germany and later taught in Havard, INSEAD, and M.I.T.
Hermann has published over 40 books in 30 languages and is world-famous for his worldwide bestsellers Hidden Champions and Power Pricing.

Hermann Simon

Hermann Simon

Founder of Simon-Kucher & Partners

Episode 10

Stop focusing on measuring outcomes – deep dive on root causes and personalized actions
– with Samantha Conyers

Samantha Coyers is a true CX Pioneer in the Caribbean region. Having designed and championed CX programs in multiple local businesses including, Beacon Insurance and Digicel, Trinidad & Tobago Ltd, she is well versed in what it takes to get CX right and passionately writes and speaks about what she really cares for – customer experience as today’s true differentiator. Samantha sits today as co-founder and CEO at EXCO, The Experience Company where alongside her business partners, she is driving further CX innovation and focus in the region.

Samantha Conyers
Chief Experience Officer at EXCO

Episode 9

Prepare your insights! You are leaving Powerpoint-Land
– with Peter Eisele

Peter has been working on the interfaces of customer insights, customer experience, and customer-centricity for more than 18 years. Having grown up in classic market research, he is now involved in the field of development of companies towards a customer-centric way of thinking and working.
He is responsible for creating a sustainable CX strategy at congstar – a fast-growing mobile carrier brand in Germany with more than 5 million customers.

Peter Eisele
CX and Service Design at Congstar

Episode 8

CX Insights in the METAVERSE with
Estefania Yaguez

Estefanía is Director of Consumer & Market Intelligence in L’Oreal Spain &Portugal. She is Member of the Managing Committee where her mission is to contribute to sustainable growth by detecting and activating insights from consumers and market. Previously, she was CPG director at GfK, working 13 years mainly for Mondelez, Heineken, Beiersdorf, or Danone. Estefanía is a frequent congresses speaker, as well as a professor in business schools and universities. She is the author of 2 books “From the emotion to purchase” and “New trends in research and marketing”

Estefania Yaguez

Director of Consumer & Market Intelligence at L’Oreal

Episode 7

Punk CX – an anti-framework that simplifies CX and CX insights – by Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian is a CX PUNK, bestselling author of How to Wow and Punk CX, FORBES Contributor, Keynote speaker and CX advisor.

Adrian Swinscoe

Aspirant Punk at Punk CX

Episode 6

How CX Insights Leaders Will Get Leadership Buy-In
– by Thomas Barta

Thomas is one of the world’s premier marketing leadership experts. He studies the unique intersection of customer focus and leadership and he conducted the world’s largest study, with over 68,000 executive assessments, on what makes for an impactful customer leader.

Thomas is a former McKinsey partner. He is the co-author of the path-breaking leadership book: The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader.

Thomas Barta

World’s Marketing Leadership Keynote Speaker

Episode 5

The way to get buy-in: Think like a CFO, present like a CMO – by Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck is the actual President of ESOMAR and Founder of Scalehouse. Prior to launching her own practice, she was CMO of Decipher. She took the role in 2007 after Decipher acquired her start-up, Forefront Consulting Group. 

She started her carrier in market research by working for Liebermann and ACNielson.

Kristin Luck

Founder of Scalehouse

Episode 4

A Management View on how CX insights teams can become rockstars within the organization – by Shep Hyken

Shep is an CX expert, an award-winning keynote speaker, and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. 

You are the author of Moments of Magic, The Loyal Customer, The Cult of the Customer, The Amazement Revolution, Amaze Every Customer Every Time, The Convenience Revolution, Be Amazing or Go Home, and his latest book, I’ll Be Back.

Shep Hyken

CAO at Shepard Presentations

Episode 3

‘Right Tools‘ X ‘Right story‘ = ‘Big bang of Insights Leaders‘ – by Sebastian Syperek

Sebastian is Head of Customer Insights at Deutsche Bahn. With over 20 years of insights experience, he is also a podcast host and trainer himself. 

Working for a company with 322,000 employees he knows how insights leaders need to navigate to get stakeholder buy-in.

Sebastian Syperek

Head of Customer Insights at Deutsche Bahn

Episode 2

How to Build a High Performing Internal Insights Consulting Team
– with Kajoli Tankha

Kajoli heads up consumer product research for Microsoft, working on brands like Surface, Microsoft 365, Search, and Windows. 

She has a master’s degree in market research and now two decades of experience in understanding what consumers feel and why. Kajoli is passionate about building strong, high-performing teams and this is the reason for this top!

Kajoli Tankha

Senior Director, Consumer Product, Retail and Growth Research

Episode 1

Make CX Surveys Useful Again
– by Tabitha Dunn

Tabitha is the Chief Customer Officer at ERICSON. She has successfully built five global customer experience functions from the ground up and is speaking regularly as a thought leader in customer and employee experience.

Tabitha is passionate about driving major cross-functional initiatives, CX and EX program design, actionable insight development, market research, and the list goes on and on and her track record shows strong quantifiable results.

Tabitha Dunn

Chief Customer Officer – Head of Customer Experience and Global Sales Excellence

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