What is NEUSREL?

NEUSREL is a software package that performs Universal Structural Modeling (USM) – a new type of computer-aided causal analysis. In contrast to conventional causal analysis methods, the application of NEUSREL is recommended when …

  • nonlinear relationships among variables are suspected to be present and/or
  • moderating effects (interactions) may exist and/or
  • path directions are unclear and/or
  • you are willing to expand the theory framework you are going to test, as this exploratory method may find properties you are not aware of.

In what particular situations do researchers require NEUSREL? What types of applications is it best for? What advantages does NEUSREL-USM provide for you? The following article addresses these questions:

“How researchers explore nonlinearities and interactions in their cause-effect models and innovate their research field with exciting new discoveries.”



  • NEUSREL is a software that is available as a MATLAB-based (provider: Mathworks) version or as a stand-alone software. Because Neusrel is MATLAB-based it can be maintained and improved much faster.
  • The user interface is the absolutely leading in its ease of use. The entire model setup is via a single Excel file. Large models are setup in minutes. Further you also have all the settings for each analysis and the results in one file. A must for professional, replicable analysis projects.
  • All features, options and modules here
  • Prices: The software can be licensed on a time-basis i.e. be rented. The annual fee for industrial users are in the five-figure range. For universities, there are attractive special tariffs.

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