November 28, 2023

How B2B SaaS Brand “neuroflash” Sets Profitable Pricing

Frank Buckler


In today's competitive business landscape, pricing plays a pivotal role in determining a company's success. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to continually adapt and refine their pricing strategies. One way to achieve this is by leveraging evidence-based insights, as demonstrated in a recent case study featuring neuroflash, a SaaS service offering LLM-powered content generation. In this blog article, we'll delve into the details of neuroflash 's pricing transformation and explore how they utilized a unique approach to unlock new opportunities for their brand.

The Challenge

Neuroflash faced a common challenge in the business world – optimizing its pricing strategy to maximize both revenue and profit. They offered six distinct price packages for their services, each with varying features and price points. To identify the ideal pricing structure, neuroflash decided to leverage evidence-based insights through the implicit price intelligence method using Supra.Tools.

What we did

Neuroflash turned to a powerful pricing analysis platform, which allowed them to test different price points for their services. Here’s how it worked:

  1. Data Input: The process begins with entering the product name and description and uploading an image or logo. Additionally, they defined a mid-level price point – the expected price – for each service.


  2. Price Point Generation: The platform generated seven price points based on the expected price and differences in price points. This helped neuroflash explore various pricing scenarios.


  3. Testing: neuroflash tested these price points to understand customer preferences and demand elasticity for each product package by sending out a survey link to customers and prospects.

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Study Outcomes

The pricing analysis yielded valuable insights for neuroflash. Here are some key takeaways from their case study:

  1. Optimal Pricing: For their free “Discover” product it was found that it generates a significant willingness to pay. The “basic” product had an optimal price close to its current pricing. However, other premium products had lower optimal prices, suggesting room for price adjustment.

  2. Non-Linearities: neuroflash discovered that at a certain price point, the demand drops enormously while after that plateauing. 

  3. Pricing Proposals: Armed with this data, neuroflash proposed a streamlined pricing strategy. They narrowed it down to three core packages – Discover, Power, and Premium, with additional Word Booster packages for the Power package. This simplified approach aimed to make pricing easier, more transparent and customer-friendly while increasing incentives to upgrade.

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In-Market Results

During the study all major competitors and changed their pricing schemes and lowered pricing. This was then taking into account to transferred findings into an actual new pricing scheme.

This is what neuroflash concluded as results 5 month later.

  • Largely increase revenue per customer (ARPU)

  • Conversion from Free to Basic decreased surprisingly little as the basic price was raised and competitors newly discounted their products by 50%.  

  • More customers upgrade than before. More than 90% of middle package used (Power S) converted into the more expensive Pro package.


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