Use for Free. Pay per Test.

Use our setup process, Expert Judgment process, and profit simulation dashboard for free.

Anytime you need to need a customer perspective, run the Implicit Intelligence process and pay for each product-price test you run.

Charge this flexibly by buying credits (1 credit = 1 typical produce-price test):


You can use the supra platform with its Expert Judgement Tool for



For each product
(each SKU), you are testing the price range 

to find optimal pricing, and you pay just… 

600 Euro


If you want an agency-grade project with a fully customized context
and screening questions you pay per product

3000 Euro

Free technical help included.

Free setup workshop for new customers.

Free results workshop for new customers.

Money-back no-questions-ask guarantees for new customers.

Enterprise customization, concierge service, and volume discount from 100 tests per year.