Re-Pricing, 100% performance based.

Increase safely your profits at no cost, effortless & fast.

We leverage technology to optimize margins and sales for all your major products and markets through repricing.

Jordi Queralt
(CEO Gimborn)

“We created 25% more revenue by raising prices.”

Why Supra Repricing Sprint?

  • Paid by Performance
    We improve profits by min 10%

  • Simple Measurement
    We measure us against your KPI  e.g. the “Modified Value Added” in your P&L

  • Safeguard System
    We run stepwise implementation with optional test markets and no-or-go gates for you at any time.

  • No costs to you
    Just share the extra profits of the first year. Exact share upon negotiation. Think sharing around 30% of the EBIT-Growth of first year. We can even agree on a pay-out cap. The following year’s profits are 100% yours.

  • Increased loyalty
    We learned that interviewed B2B customers, and prospects feel heard and respected and become actually more loyal.

  • Fast Results
    See first bottom-line results in just 6-8 weeks

  • Effortless
    We provide full service. On request, we even adding an on-site interim manager. 

Our capacity right now is to accept approx. one new client per weekThis is why we like to ask you to put yourself on our application list.


  • Kickoff workshop and project management by a senior consultant with 20+ years of pricing experience.

  • We run market research with our proprietary Implicit Price Intelligence technology

  • We optimize your prices together with you and help you to manage the implementation

Daniel Griehl
(Lechner GmbH)

“Price.AI helps us drive
profitable growth in a highly
competitive environment.”

BONUS Value We Provide Free of Charge

  • DOUBLE CHECK: In risky situations, we do additional market tests using extra tools “Lookalike shop survey” or “Soft launch process”

  • PRICE IMPLEMENTATION: you receive a price implementation playbook and video course, worth 500 Euro per participant free of charge

  • PRICE WAR PROTECTION GUIDE: You receive a playbook and video course, worth 1200 Euro per participant free of charge

  • RE-IMPORT PRICING GUIDE: you receive a playbook and video course, worth 800 Euro per participant free of charge

  • MERCHANT PRICING GUIDE. How to deal with middle men, a playbook and video course, worth 500 Euro per participant free of charge


We simply take the margin KPI that you use and that you find most appropriate. The share percentage will be adjusted.

Part of the contract is an audit right. We will agree on a penalty, for the case that you refuse the auditor.

Let’s talk. Indeed, sometimes there is not enough common ground or trust to make this happen.

We try to survey your prospects and clients first. If a panel is really needed, our panel partner takes a part of the risk and you need to pay just 50% of panel costs upfront.

We can include implementation work into our offer. Our share need to be increased for that of cause. Lets talk.

Spot on. Let us surprise you with the expertise our pricing consultants have. All worked for top management consultants, most for pricing consultants like Simon-Kucher, and all have 15 years of experience. You are in safe hands!

It’s your business and you can do what you like with your prices. If your decisions turn out to be wrong, we get a reduced payout. We accept the risk that we do not have 100% control over your actions.

We accept the risk of reduced margins over which we have no control. You do your best, we do our best, and we share the profit growth, not the status.

This is a misunderstanding. We are not asking for 1/3 of the profits, we are asking for 1/3 of the additional profits, and this is only for the first 12 months.

Similarly, we take the risk of receiving no compensation if the market environment deteriorates; we ask you to agree to receive more compensation if external factors work in our favor. Again, we only share profit growth, not status.


Reach out, and let’s talk.